The North Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (NC-C3) was founded in 2017 by the Charlotte Christian Chamber of Commerce (est. 2007) and South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (est. 2009).

Our mission is to unify Christians in North Carolina by connecting commerce and community to positively impact our culture with Christ.

NC-C3 is uniquely positioned to foster and facilitate functional unity within the Christian community by stepping through and overcoming division and barriers.

We plan to accomplish this mission by strategically engaging the ABC’s of the Christian community: Alliances, Businesses, Churches, and Individuals.ABCI


Our Chamber model consists of a State Board, State Director, and City Teams.

We exist to inspire sustained and continuous movement toward unity. We are designed to equip individuals, businesses, alliances, and churches with solutions designed to bring God’s Kingdom commerce, economy, and systems into communities.

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NC-C3 is currently in a development stage. One aspect of our growth plan is to expand to six NC-C3 locations in 2018.

NC State Map

NC-C3 is a non-profit 501c6 exempt organization. View tax treatment of contributions to 501c6 organizations HERE.