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ABCIWelcome to the premiere issue of the Christian Chamber of Commerce blog.  We are thankful that you are taking this journey with us as our passion and vision are to “unify the Christian community to have a positive impact on our communities for Jesus Christ.” To start, let’s first explore the importance of unity.

Why is unity so important?

 There is a famous story from the Bible which reflects the power of unity and its application in modern times, the Tower of Babel found in Genesis 11.  The world had just experienced the flood and was in the process of rebuilding.  At the time, the people spoke one language. As they worked together to restore their community, identity, and culture, a shared vision emerged. The people desired to build a city that reached the sky so the world would know who they were. As they built, God recognized their unity. “The Lord said, ‘If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them’” (Genesis 11:6, NIV).  God’s acknowledgement of the people’s unity prompted Him to take action: He confused their language and the building stopped.

So why did God divide the people rather than encourage the “name” they sought to make for themselves by building a tower that reached the heavens? Although unity was present, the outcome was not meant to glorify God, it was meant to glorify those who built it. As present-day Christians, we still struggle with the same problem. Our desires to build and establish structures and systems often glorify us instead of God. As a result, the Christian community has been experiencing a long-standing epidemic of division.

The division that exists within the Christian community has been promoted through racial, denominational, and regional divides for centuries. This has resulted in a decline in positive cultural influence over many years.

We believe that we are in a time where all things are possible with God. We believe He has called us to restore the broken bonds of unity within the Christian community. What if we came together around a shared vision with the single and sole motive of glorifying God? Imagine what could happen if we decided to get back to unity, to seek to build our communities for the glory of God, and overcome a legacy of division?

Who is the Christian Community?

To realize a shared vision of unity, we need to understand who makes up the Christian community.

The Christian community is made up of alliances (non-profits), businesses, churches, and individuals that each play vital roles to positively impact our communities.  When we understand these roles and the part each plays in relationship to the other, we can begin to see how unity can be restored.

Let’s take a look at the ABC’s of the Christian community…

Christian alliances, or non-profit organizations, provide a vast range of focused services geared toward enhancing our communities. For example, affinity groups like foster and adoption support, marketplace ministries, prison ministries, veterans support, ministry support, and many others  specialize in their area of support, relief, care, or education.

Christian businesses provide necessary goods, services, jobs, and resources that maintain and enhance our communities.  Business, commerce, or the marketplace, is a foundation for community suitability. Jesus spent extensive time in the marketplace and used this setting most often in His parables.

Christian churches host, teach, and equip believers to walk out their faith in the marketplace and their communities, through engaging alliances, education institutions, homes, or wherever they are in society. Churches often give generously and serve their local communities. They function as places of worship, prayer, and personal transformation.

Christian individuals are integral to the larger community. They serve our families, corporations, ministries, and work side by side with the ABC’s of the Christian community. Individuals offer specialized expertise, training, gifting, agility, and more.

Inspiring Unity

C3 exists to inspire unity by connecting commerce and community. We support alliances through volunteer support, donations, and community awareness that connects necessary resources. We support businesses through the purchase of goods and services and through promotion within the Christian community. We support churches through faithful support and by facilitating integration with other sectors. We support Christian individuals through prayer support and connection to other groups within the Christian community.

“All who believed were together
and held everything in common.”
Acts 2:44

We believe this early-church reality is not only possible today, it is already happening.  When the Christian community works together to solve the problems of society, we can show the world Jesus through our unity.

Jamie Jordan is the State Director for the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (SC-C3). His passion is to see unity and excellence exhibited within the Christian community.  Jamie can be reached at jjordan@Stravicom.com.