Without Vision….

without-vision-photo-small.pngThe Bible verse, “without vision, the people perish” is often quoted in the Christian and secular worlds due to the relevance to our modern world. We have all been part of organizations that lacked vision and the hopeless feelings that result. However, most desire to be part of an organization that has a clear and compelling vision that is communicated well and one that we can contribute to and be part of.  If we are going to invest our time and resources in an organization or cause, we want to make sure we understand and buy into the vision, enabling us to believe we are making a worthwhile investment.

This principle is foundational to the Christian Chamber of Commerce as a God-sized vision has been given, “To unify Christians throughout South Carolina to positively impact our communities for the glory of Jesus Christ.” We know this vision is from God for it is humanly impossible and reflects the heart of the Father.

I think most would agree that the division that exists within the Christian community must break the heart of the Father and prohibits us from having the level of positive impact on our communities we desire. I think this is the reason Jesus prayed His last prayer on earth in John 17 that His followers would be united so the world would know Him.  This is accomplished as we come together under a common vision and align our resources to communicate, educate, and motivate the Christian community to impact our world for Christ.

The idea of unifying the Christian community is easy to agree to in principle, but more difficult as it is walked out in our day-to-day life.  The reality of separation that occurs through racism, denominationalism, worship styles, theology, etc. has assisted in this division through the years.  The first tangible step to this unity process is to build this Christian community through businesses, alliances (non-profits), churches, and individual Christian professionals that share the vision and values.

To facilitate this Christian movement and join others on this journey, we ask that you become a member of the Christian Chamber of Commerce and be an ambassador to tell others in the business, alliance, church, and professional communities.