Unity Through Prayer

iStock_000058496436_Full-800x480.jpgThere are a lot of misconceptions around the subject of prayer and those who like to pray. Sometimes I wish I could simply ban the word “prayer” from our Christian vocabulary. Prayer is simply having a conversation with the Person who loves you more than life itself – our Father God. We complicate things with our formulas and rules, when God is available 24/7 and longing to hear our voices. In fact, He said to me one day that

He longs to speak to us more than we care to listen.

Let that sink deep down into your spirit. The God of all creation wants to speak with you.

The Application of Prayer

There’s this wonderful scripture:

And without faith it is impossible to please God,
because anyone who comes to Him must believe that
He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”
Hebrews 11:6

I see 5 simple action steps in this verse. Let’s unpack them together.

Have faith. Hebrews 11:1 says that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The word for “Word” (or Rhema in the original Greek) alludes to the spoken or revealed word of God. The amount of faith you have is directly proportional to your ability to hear God’s voice for yourself. And just like riding a bike, it takes practice and patience. Have faith.

Come to Him. Simple, right? But how often do we jump on the phone to complain to our best friend or spouse when the world is crashing down? Go to God first, daily, before a crisis comes. King David said in Psalm 63:1, “Early I will seek You.” Jesus sought His Father daily when He walked the earth, and only did what He saw the Father doing. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Come to Him.

Believe God exists. Just take a look at the people around you. Each one of you is different. Unique. Exquisitely made and carrying the fingerprints of Your Father. Look at this glorious world He created. It’s hard not to stand in awe of Him when observing the tiniest strand of DNA or the vastness of the Milky Way. This same God cares about the minutiae of your life. He is real. He is alive. God exists.

Seek Him. Look for Him not just during a time of quiet reflection, but throughout your day. He’s always there. Always communicating. I love that Jesus is called the “Word” of God. He is always speaking, and often likes to hide in plain sight. Ask for eyes to see Him and hear Him. Seek Him.

Expect to be rewarded. Before He left this earth Jesus told His disciples in John 15 that He was the vine and they were the branches. If they chose to remain in fellowship with Him they would bear much fruit. Fruit is a reward of fellowship. Expect to be rewarded.

C3 Intentional Prayer Focus

So what does all this have to do with C3? Simple. We’ve been praying this year for God to increase our faith, and yours. We’ve been pressing in to hear His voice and get His plan for C3. And to be honest, this is going to become so much bigger than what you or I can possibly imagine. What the Father is asking us to do is be change-agents to bring unity to our communities, our state, our country and around the world.

Prayer must come first. More than anything, prayer lays the tracks to bring our movement into greater unity. If we do not seek His face in this, we will certainly fall on ours and our many plans will come to nothing.

“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.”
Proverbs 16:3

Across the Carolinas we have small teams of passionate prayer partners, however, every single one of us is called to pray this vision of unity into reality. We are all called to seek Him. And as we do I know we will be rewarded. C3 will grow and become the change agent that will bring glory to His Name.

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Each of you holds a piece to the puzzle, and we are asking you to step up and take your place. This begins with bringing your best “Yes!” to the table. This is your invitation to invest in a movement that has the potential to shape culture in every sphere of society. It is a bold, outrageous dream. A God-sized task. Will you join us? Will you partner with this movement in prayer, in your membership, in your time, talents and resources?

The room we gather in for our monthly luncheons is not a conference room. Banish that from your mind. The next time you walk in and sit at one of the tables I want you to picture yourself in a giant, cozy family room. All your favorite people are there, and everyone is embracing, encouraging and watching out for everyone else. You are loved, accepted, and welcome there. You can step in, remove your many hats, and for at least an hour know you are among friends. Laughter comes easy. Transparency is normal. Relationships are fostered and developed. This is a place where burdens are shared and carried together. When you become a member of C3, you are becoming a part of a new family. The networking we get to do should simply be the fruit of doing life with your C3 family. God is doing a new and glorious thing among us.

We are putting practical tools in place to help foster and create this culture of family. When you become a part of C3, you are becoming a part of a movement that cares about you, your family, and those things closest to your heart. All of this begins and ends with prayer.

Member Prayer Request

Now when you log in to the C3 website you’ll discover at the bottom of your Member Dashboard a link to submit prayer requests. We’d love to partner with you and help carry some of the heavy things on your heart. These requests will be kept strictly confidential. Try to keep these requests to your personal needs or those things that directly impact you. It’s easy to ask for prayer for other people, but not as easy to ask for ourselves. These requests will be kept strictly confidential and go directly to the prayer team leader in your city.

It is our joy and honor to partner with you in prayer. We want nothing more than to have a front row seat to the miracles God is unfolding in your lives. Some of you have been carrying unanswered prayer requests in your hearts for years – decades even. You may be tired of asking God for the same request. Let us partner with you. Stretch your faith and ask once more. Even now we are in a season of acceleration and breakthrough – a season of harvest!

Lori Anderson-Bowen is the Charleston SC-C3 Prayer Team Leader and serves as the Prayer Ministry Director at Seacoast Church in Summerville, SC. She is passionate about hearing the voice of God and seeing people walk in freedom daily through the ministry of prayer. Lori is also a business partner with SC-C3 and is the proud owner of Andowen Photography. You can contact her directly at lori@andowenphotography.com