The Power of Unity

unity-800x480.jpg“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”
Psalm 133:1

When we talk about the incredible power of unity, what passage better illustrates its wonder than Psalm 133:1?

Theologians identify this as the time David was appointed King, where he states how good and pleasing it was for all 12 tribes of Israel to agree on his kingship.  It was, perhaps, the most glorious period in the history of Israel.  And the essence of this powerful UNITY is captured forever in the 133rd Psalm.

What did David mean?

To better understand what David meant by “unity” in this famous passage, I consulted Blue Letter Bible online.  I found something quite remarkable.  Here is the exact phrase:

dwell                   together             in unity

yashab                yachad                yachad

If you are wondering if I meant to show a duplicate word, wonder no more.  You see it correctly.  Yachad appears twice.  The next question naturally follows:  Is yachad the word for ‘together’ or is it the word for ‘unity’?

As it turns out, yachad is the Hebrew word for togetherness.  Yep! This passage literally states, “dwell together together”.

This is a Hebrew linguistic technique known as term repetition.  When the same word is used back-to-back, it is meant to express something extreme.  This is used in other passages such as Genesis 9:25 “ebed ebed” (slave of slaves) and Isaiah 34:10 “netsach netsach” (forever and ever).

Extreme Togetherness

It is a good and pleasant state of being when we are really, deeply together.  It is the idea of extreme togetherness.

In Matthew Henry’s commentary, he captures the meaning of Psalm 133 extreme-togetherness as “delighting in each other with mutual endearments, and promoting each other’s welfare with mutual services.”  This is what marked togetherness of the Israelite nation during David’s reign.

Imagine the power of our unity in South Carolina, our overall effectiveness as Christians in our communities, as we demonstrate this same extreme togetherness.  When our churches and businesses and alliances and individuals delight in each other, promoting each other’s welfare with mutual services, we will experience unity as God intended.

This is the aim of the Christian Chamber of Commerce.  What a special calling for all of us to have this good and pleasant experience.  Let’s do this, together together.

Shawn Sommerkamp is a member of SC-C3 Charleston, a motivational speaker and Executive Coach with 20+ years of Fortune 100 leadership experience.  He founded Motivationeer™ to coach Christian professionals how to bring the power of Christ’s word, as the foundation of career success, into corporate and small business America.  Shawn can be reached at