The Power of Community

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When we started this new C3 journey last year, we knew unifying the Christian community was the unique opportunity God had placed before us. This year we are refining the C3 vision to better articulate this destination, “C3 exists to mobilize the Christian community for a thriving world.” Through this journey we are just beginning to understand the power and importance of the Christian community and the vital role each group plays in this process. We all desire to see the many divides within the Christian community healed. Jesus prayed in John 17 that the world would know Him through our unity realized, through becoming one. The question today is, who do we become one with?

Who Is the Christian Community?

There is a unique opportunity to impact culture for Christ by connecting the Christian community. We see many good things happening throughout the state with dedicated business owners and leaders, alliances, churches, and individuals walking out their faith in the sphere of influence for which they are called. This has reinforced the C3 vision to mobilize and heightened the awareness that the Christian community must work closer together by strategically engaging the ABC’s (Alliances, Businesses, Churches) and individuals.

Now that we’ve identified the “who”…let’s take a look at the “why.” Why Alliances? Why Businesses? Why Churches? Why Individuals? Why not just business, or just the church? It’s important to understand and respect the roles of each group we are working with.

The Vital Role Each Play

We define an Alliance as a not-for-profit organization where a Christian is in a position of leadership and has the authority and desire to apply Biblical principles to serve their employees, customers, donors, vendors, and community.

The role of Alliances is critical in the Christian community and provides valuable services in a variety of areas from serving the homeless, incarcerated, veterans, children, feeding the hungry, discipleship, and many other ministries within the community. These services are the hands and feet of Christ that daily serve our communities. We support Alliances through volunteering to assist, donations, serving on Boards and assisting in strengthening the organization.

Businesses are defined as for-profit organizations where a Christian is in a position of leadership and has the authority and desire to apply Biblical principles to serve their employees, customers, vendors, and community.

The role of businesses (and schools/universities) in the Christian community is to provide valuable products and services, employee, teach, train, and equip people, and use influence to promote Kingdom activities. Businesses are supported by doing business with them! They also support others by using their influence to promote alliances, churches, and individuals in the community.

Churches are defined as not-for-profit organizations or fellowships that promote evangelism and discipleship of Jesus Christ. The role of the church is vital in the Christian community and is meant to equip and encourage followers of Christ to apply their faith in each sphere of influence they are called to. Churches are supported by other churches and the tithes and offerings of their attendees. They support the community through shepherding, teaching, encouraging, and supporting communities.

Individuals are followers of Christ who may be employed by a secular or Christian organization, work in government, education, healthcare, work as a stay-at-home mom or any other sphere of influence where God has placed them.
Individuals are the largest group in the Christian community and play a vital role as they serve in many capacities and bring the light of Christ into many places throughout society.

Engaging The Community For A Thriving World

We believe that each of the four areas of alliances, businesses, churches and individuals are all important roles in the Kingdom of God. Moreover, we believe that a mobilized Christian community who shares the same values, vision of unity, and foundation of prayer can impact the world in ways we have never seen before. Acting in unity and caring for all would reduce poverty, crime, prison population, orphans, impact social and moral issues, strengthen families, and reduce the tax burden on our state. A thriving world has never been more possible when the Christian community works together!


Jamie Jordan is the State Director for the South Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (SC-C3). His passion is to see unity and excellence exhibited within the Christian community. Jamie can be reached at

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