A Leader’s Motivation

09.18.18 A Leader's Motivation

Motivation – The Source of Movement

Every morning we wake up and choose to engage the day.  Sometimes, we may not feel like it is a choice, but rather an obligation to act as a response to the commitments we have made in life (to family, friends, coworkers, community, etc).  As leaders, we have accepted a variety of responsibilities toward those we serve. These responsibilities come with a robust list of activities into which we pour our energies. But what is it that motivates us in all this activity.  Are we being “pulled” by our obligations toward others? Are we fueled by our emotional ties? Or do we feed off the driving forces that we have developed in our lives?

Let’s focus on a core definition of the word Motivation…

1 : a motivating force, stimulus or influence.  (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary)

Motivation matters. Our motives matter. The movement we need to see in our life is a function of what is motivating us.  The nature of our motivation determines the energy and the sustainability metrics of our efforts. For many years, we as Believers have been working to facilitate true change in our own lives, in the lives of those around us and in our communities at large.  Much of our attempts may have been noble and well-intended and yet the driving forces behind them have left us short of our desired outcome.

Why Start With Why?

Have you ever found yourself struggling in an assignment but were able to re-calibrate in a way that connected your efforts back to the reason for that work in a way that resulted in you finding the fuel and/or focus you needed to be successful in it?  Getting to the “why” in anything can have such an empowering affect.

Leadership expert Simon Sinek advocates that we should “start with why.” He argues that we all have a “why” and once we identify it, we will be on the pathway to successful leadership and our organizations will be in a much better position to thrive.

TO-MO was coined by Vega Factor and is short for Total Motivation. They believe that zeroing in on “why we work determines how well we work” (http://www.vegafactor.com). The organizations they serve are realizing exceptional productivity as a result of applying this concept to their development.

Yet, as powerful as getting to the “why” is, I believe there is a much more powerful Source from which to draw our motivation.

WHO – Our Transforming Motivation

What if we drill down deeper then the “why”?

As Believers we know that everything was created by the original “WHO”, including our “why”. God is the fullest source and motivation that a person can operate from.  And even more glorious is the fact that as He becomes our motive (force, stimulus, influence), we find our own “who” attending to our moment-by-moment motivation.  In other words, our own identity is constantly supported and becomes an established reality that serves to motivate our continuous serving of others.

As the Author of our individual “who” becomes the consistent energy behind our effort, work and life, we find ourselves in the best possible position for fulfilling the Will of God and our destiny.  And when we as leaders embrace our “who” (Divinely, personally, and corporately) the Kingdom of God will manifest on earth. Then, and only then, will Jesus’ flocks be fed and tended. When our motivation as a leader becomes like that of Jesus, we will find ourselves excelling in patience, humility, selflessness, and transparency[i].

As disciples of Christ, we believe there is only One Source of True Transformation in life, that is the source of Life Himself. Lord, help us let you be our permanent motivation that transforms our world into Your highest and best design.


 Matthew Fleming is the State Director for the North Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (NC-C3). Matthew has a strong vision for the functionality of the Christian community as believers endeavor to operate in unison.  He believes alignment and co-laboring from a united reality will be the catalyst for sustained Restoration in our world. Matthew can be reached at Matthew@nc-c3.org.

Transformational Leadership helps you identify, address and remove personal, team and process constraints. Removing these constraints allows transformation to occur and encourages healthy, trusting relationships to grow.

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[i] This list of characteristics is adapted from “A Kingdom Leader” in Transformational Leadership’s The Missing Link.