A Mobilized Community

2018.11.13_A Mobilized Community

Mission to Mobilize

Over the past year, our clarity around the true “Mission” of C3 has wonderfully increased. Here is where the journey has brought us…

Our mission is to mobilize the Christian community for city transformation.

Mobilize…Mobilization…Mobilized… as of late, I have been working to deepen my relationship with this word. Like so many words we have used throughout our lives and come to understand, I have a sense that I am only just beginning to scratch the surface of its implications.  

The following is Merriam-Webster’s definition of “mobilize”…

1a : to put into movement or circulation; b : to release (something stored in the organism) for bodily use
2a : to assemble and make ready for war duty; b : to marshal (something, such as resources) for action

Notice the underlined text  and ponder what it would mean to “release” what has been stored in the organism that is the Body of Christ on the earth.  But before we go there, let’s consider what mobilization could mean for a city/community.

A Case Study

As we have fine-tuned our mission statement and have begun to embrace this Call to mobilization, we find ourselves hosting more and more discussions around what it actually means for the Christian community to be mobilized.  For example, here in Charlotte, NC we are taking a hard look at the “State of the City” report published this year by the For Charlotte team  – https://forcharlotte.org/state-of-the-city/ – as a means of targeting where a mobilization of Christians could be focused. In this report, their 18 months of research have revealed five (5) focus areas where we have a unique opportunity to make targeted impact as God’s people. Imagine what will happen as we face these challenges through Faith, partner with God, collaborate with each other and engage these needs in our community. Imagine how the ABC’s (Alliances, Businesses, and Churches) of the Christian community can bridge the gap. I think the world may begin to see that Jesus is truly alive in us by the Love we have for Him, each other and our neighbors in addition to the results manifesting from our inspired unified efforts. But these extrinsic elements are only a part of the consideration when discussing the impact of mobilizing the Army of God.  

Inside Out Transformation

What about the intrinsic ramifications?  What happens when Believers find increasing opportunity to release the Gold (Glory) our Maker invested within us by stepping into these “works” prepared beforehand for us to walk in? We were each made with a unique purposeful design that is destined to be expressed in our day. When, and only when, we live outward from the true identity of “Christ is Us” can we experience the wholeness and fulfillment promised in the Word of God.  By releasing the Light from within through action, we ourselves are the first beneficiaries through God’s active Life being expressed in our faithful obedience. We experience our Life…our Light.

In order to be that “city” set on a hill…in order to be the “light” of the world, we must “shine”.  And in order to “shine” we must LET that which has been invested in us be released for His Glory and the restoration of the world around us.

LET there be LIGHT! ☀️


Matthew Fleming is the State Director for the North Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (NC-C3). Matthew has a strong vision for the functionality of the Christian community as believers endeavor to operate in unison.  He believes alignment and co-laboring from a united reality will be the catalyst for sustained Restoration in our world. Matthew can be reached at Matthew@nc-c3.org.

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