Looking to 2019

2018.12.11_Looking to 2019

Thank you so much for journeying with us this year!

It has been a foundational, formative, adventurous ride for us at C3 (NC-C3, SC-C3 & Nationally). By faith we have stepped into deepening relationships in communities in which we have had previous operations as well as launching fresh dialogues and developing new relationships in markets throughout the Carolinas where we see the Lord calling us.

We are so thankful for your camaraderie and input while hoping that in this continuing developmental phase of C3 you have experienced Kingdom-centric value. The consistent encouraging feedback we have received from many of you throughout 2018 has inspired us to forge ahead into the New Year to do what is necessary to manifest God’s excellent future for our communities.

Signs of the Season (Windows of Opportunity)

As we look to 2019 there a few “signs of the season” to consider. In preparing the way for the Lord in our hearts, homes, and communities it is important to discern the times we are in (1 Chronicles 12:32). In recent years there has been an awakening of gentile believers in Christ into what our Jewish counterparts have grasped for thousands of years. Namely, that Yehovah created times, seasons and rhythms for us to live by for healthy relationship with God and synchronization with the purposes of heaven.

December happens to contain a special window of time as defined by Sapphire Leadership Group founder Arthur Burke. As you prepare your heart for the coming year, take a look at what he has to say about reconciliation with your destiny this month: https://theslg.com/content/window-of-reconciliation-december.

As you prepare your home for 2019. Remember that that’s where Kingdom Culture starts! In your daily sphere of influence, your home (whatever that may look like), you have the choice to set the culture through intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and other believers.  

Finally, as we look at our communities, be expectant for revival, repentance, and radical transformation. Be enCOURAGEd that we are in a LION season according to Johnny Enlow’s Seven Mountain Mandate.

Rest OS

In our blog last week, Jamie Jordan highlighted the importance of resting for reflection that we may recognize the Lord’s work in our past in order to move into the future with greater confidence. The importance of this Rest cannot be overstated. It is what I refer to as the “Operating System (OS)” of the Kingdom of God. As we leverage this end-of-year moment through embracing God’s Rest (Hebrews 3 & 4), the Lord can create a momentous wave that can be ridden deep into the New Year.

In addition, the now approaching Winter season in the natural represents a time of transition and preparation for new growth to be realized in the forthcoming Spring. Let the old “leaves” fall off your “branches” and let your “roots” go deeper into new levels of nourishment as we wrap up 2018.

The Lord would say to us now, “Rest in what I invest in you to receive My best in 2019.”

What’s Next for C3?

When learning to cooperate/co-operate with God’s Spirit as human beings and as organizations on planet earth, it is imperative to live and work with hearts, minds and hands kept open. The Spirit of God is infinitely wise and sees all truthfully and clearly, while our human vision is currently impaired to various degrees. Therefore, it behooves us to be highly flexible and perhaps even fluid-like in our approach as He reveals further to us His heart, mind, will, ways, design and plans.

For those of us serving as C3 collaborators, we are coming to grips with the fact that our mission to “mobilize the Christian community for city transformation” is, in fact, impossible. With that knowledge, we have had to ask ourselves routinely, “why even try to see it accomplished?”. So far, each time we set ourselves to ask that question directly to our Founder (the Lord) and wait for His answer, we are led back to how this mission began…with Him reminding us that with Him “all things are possible.” Furthermore He reinforces to us that in order to arrive at the prophesied destination of Restored people and communities, we must learn to work together out of the synergy of the Spirit of God, each stepping into the “works prepared beforehand.” So this is a required move of God, whatever form or path it takes.   

Preparing to step into 2019 has facilitated a fresh re-evaluation of where we are and what must come next for a sustainable mobilization of believers. We are freshly considering where to put our focus and energy now in order to galvanize Kingdom partnership and provision for the long road ahead. We are indeed on an eternal journey and this requires us to have deep roots, long-term vision and a disposition of endurance.

Let us go together into 2019 with the confidence we have found in Christ and in the abounding love we are growing in for one another.


Matthew Fleming is the State Director for the North Carolina Christian Chamber of Commerce (NC-C3). Matthew has a strong vision for the functionality of the Christian community as believers endeavor to operate in unison.  He believes alignment and co-laboring from a united reality will be the catalyst for sustained Restoration in our world. Matthew can be reached at Matthew@nc-c3.org.