Called to Lead

THE GREATEST LEADER Jesus was the greatest leader of all time.  He was the 5-fold anointings of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher and walked His assignment out perfectly on the earth.  Sometimes He was moving in His apostolic role; He was the “sent one” and He sent others out to minister and do signs, … Continue reading Called to Lead

Called to Heal

My Healing Path—Called to Heal Plants, Pets, People, and the Planet Growing up on a family farm in the 1950’s, our doors were never locked. I felt safe and loved by parents and community. Hard work, mentoring and education paved the way for me to earn degrees in veterinary medicine, theology and nutrition. I was … Continue reading Called to Heal

Called to Watch

A Calling Catalyzed I thought the man looked older than he probably was as I regarded his unremarkable appearance, which was consistent with the rural-poor culture prevalent in the area.  I wondered what his accomplishments might have been and what his giftings were.  Ours was a small, rural Pentecostal fellowship and on that particular Sunday, … Continue reading Called to Watch