C3 History

The Charlotte Christian Chamber of Commerce (C3) was founded in 2007. It has been led by President Pat Baldridge since 2009. Charlotte C3’s focus was Doing the King’s Business in The Queen City. Below is the historic vision & mission. The King's Business.png

Our Purpose


What would it look like if first – we, as Christian Business Professionals really knew God’s purpose for marketplace ministry in Charlotte? And even more vital, what would it look like if we embraced God’s Purpose for the ‘Queen City’?  Would we share our faith with colleagues and co-workers spontaneously and consistently? Would we support and encourage other believers even if they might be competitors? Would we run our businesses with Godly integrity? Would we search out believers and do business with them when possible? If we did these things we would truly make an IMPACT for the Kingdom. As Jesus prayed in John 17:22, 23 ‘that they may be one, even as We are one. …that they may be perfected in unity, that the world may know that You sent me.’ That is the vision of those in the Charlotte Christian Chamber of Commerce.


To provide venues for Christian Business Professionals to come together, support one another, and build relationships so each makes a positive, Godly impact in his or her work environment. To provide a non-threatening, inviting place for those who are spiritually seeking and introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ. To offer a platform for Christians to do business with one another resulting in mutual growth. To transform surface business connections into caring relationships and invaluable friendships. To provide proven resources for one’s pursuit of HIS excellence. And to create a learning environment which transcends industries and generations – master to novice as well as innovator to expert. Someone recently said “More than ever before – we (Christian Business People) need each other.” The Charlotte Christian Chamber is providing a venue to fulfill that purpose.