Mission & Values


Our mission is to unify Christians in North Carolina by connecting commerce and community to positively impact our culture with Christ.

We believe that a movement of Christians who share the same values, vision of unity, and foundation of prayer can bring lasting transformation to commerce and community.


CHRIST: Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is the cornerstone on which NC-C3 is built. The Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God and it is to be adhered to in all we do.

CHURCH: The Church is made up of the universal body of believers who reflect different denominations, ministries, and organizations.

CALLING: Each calling is from God, whether a business person, CEO, entrepreneur, laborer, stay-at-home mom, pastor, or missionary. The work we do with our hands is sacred and is worship and praise unto Him.

COMMUNITY: Faith applied in practical ways to resolve problems, unite, and serve others in the community for the glory of Christ is true transformation.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP: The Golden Rule applied with authentic humility is the first step on the path to unity, peace, and prosperity.

EXCELLENCE: Excellence in all we say and do is the language others can understand, independent of their beliefs. Seeking excellence in all we do reflects and honors our Heavenly Father.