Meet The Team


Matthew smallMatthew Fleming

Matthew’s personal mission is to serve leaders and organizations in all sectors of society through clarifying identity, hosting vision, and inspiring global synergy. He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and relationship management in industries ranging from communications to financial services to performance improvement. Along the way, Matthew was led into an awakening of the “REST of the story.” An uncommon process taught him to wait and listen for wisdom. He discovered that a key to our successful tomorrow is not found  in just improving “performance” but rather staying “present” today. Matthew operates with a compelling desire to discover the deeper truths of life and innovate relationally toward mutually beneficial cooperation. He sees unlimited opportunity to invest in people, organizations, projects and communities which has led him to search for the abundance that can allow the best solutions to come forth. Matthew and his wife Lindsay are based in Charlotte, NC along with their daughter Aidan and extended family.


Lindsay smallLindsay Fleming

Lindsay Fleming, MA is a senior editor, content developer, and intercessor.  As a natural-born leader and accomplished collaborator, she serves to provide clarity, motivation and coordination in every engagement she experiences, personally and professionally.  She has been granted an “eye” for the “greater story” and how it is woven throughout the details of individuals, organizations and communities.  The training and education Lindsay has gleaned over her life has taken her from a budding writer to a seasoned expressionist of identity, value and purpose for an array of leaders and entities speckled throughout the many spheres of society.  The insights she stewards are the ammunition for prayer that is the catalyst for the results her co-laborers experience.  She currently resides with her husband Matthew and growing family in Charlotte, NC.


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hands-2168901_640Intercessory Prayer Team

Our Charlotte prayer team consists of Mary & Jeff who oversee the Carolina Strategic Prayer Alliance, Dave who is in prayer leadership at St. Matthew’s (the largest Catholic parish in the US), Nadya who is a professional woman of unwavering passion and prayer, Glenn who is a seasoned Kingdom strategist and coach, and Melesa who is an inspired intercessor, writer, and project manager.

TL JumpstartTheresa Custis, Events Ambassador




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