2017 Events

Transformational Leadership Jumpstart

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Event Recap: TL Expectations Exceeded
November 30, 2017

We hosted one of our Core Solution Partners (CSP) for a wonderfully impactful meeting. Thank you to the 100+ Carolina leaders who joined us for the Transformational Leadership (TL) launch this past week, the Jumpstart truly exceeded all of our expectations. To those of you who weren’t able to join us, we missed you!

Not only was the Jumpstart an amazing day where leaders from across the Carolinas (as well as a few neighboring states) came together, we saw people’s hearts touched, mindset’s transformed, and desire to change inspired! On top of that, Ford Taylor’s new book Relactional Leadership was released and became a #1 seller just this week!


Since the TL launch was so successful and we received such overwhelmingly positive feedback we are going to keep momentum and host the FULL 2-Day TL Training in Charlotte, February 2018.



Event Recap: Leading For Christ
November 9, 2017

NC-C3 co-hosted iLEAD, an event for young professionals, where Executive Coach Bill Pavelich of PerspectivEdge imparted an impactful message outlining how to lead from your identity.

As he addressed the millennial age group, one thing Bill said really stood out. He said…

I don’t want my kids to know my God,
I want them to know their God!

With these words, Bill’s statement touches on the place where leadership meets discipleship. Bridging the gaps between age and belief starts with identity and experience. As marketplace leaders, business professionals, and people of influence, we must understand that leading well strategically positions us to co-labor tactically with Christ and others. That’s why we will continue to partner with leadership and discipleship focused organizations.

We know the impact demonstrating unity as leaders can have. In fact, one of the iLEAD attendees shared the impact the evening had for him…

I have been renewed and transformed
because of last night.

– Allen

Thank you for taking some time to read this event recap! As a special token, we’d like to share Bill’s acronym for leadership with you! Remember, in all aspects of commerce and community, love should be at the top of the list.